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“We are among the class-leading Solar Power Companies based in Bihar that is keenly dedicated in the design and delivery of custom Rooftop Solar Power Projects and Solar Applications. We have a key presence both in Commercial, Industrial and Public Sector market. “

“We are pioneers in the area of Solar Panel rooftop renewable energy solutions that are eco-friendly, efficient & affordable. Radiationpower Solar focuses on significantly reducing electricity costs for its customers, attractive payback, hassle-free operation & maintenance and affordability through financing. Radiationpower makes it convenient and affordable to setup a solar rooftop project by offering both OPEX (RESCO) model and CAPEX model with bank and self-financing. Harnessing on its strong technical capabilities and experienced engineering team and prompt after sales service support, Radiationpower/Investor has attached with setup of rooftop systems in over hundreds of institutions, industries and commercial establishments.”

Investment Proposition

With the rising demand of solar power especially after announcing the target of 100 Gigawatt by 2022, the solar power market has achieved a huge J-curve and the Solar energy capacity has gone up from 2.63 GW in 2014 to 22 GW currently. But here the market comes to a difficult corner, after massive increasing of capacity, solar providers lagging on maintain it which leads to major production loss. An addition with that the market is still facing a major gap between demand and supply.

We provide comprehensive and tailor made solar OPEX (RESCO) models where a third party investor invests on that project and client pays only a lower solar electricity tariff without having any upfront investment. We also provide solar power plant maintenance service to power plant owners by a exclusively technology driven way invented by our own which not only accelerate the growth of company as well as creates a blue ocean for business.

It also reduce carbon emission that are ejected into our natural atmosphere.

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Thank you for your interest in Radiationpower. If you have any questions for the Investor Relations department, reach out to us and we will get back to you.

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Company address – P.S Darioura , Amas ,district Gaya ,
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Phone: +918448722789